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Pickle monk

Fish Pickle - 250g

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Personally selected right sized tuna makes for the best pickles. The oils and the ingredients are locally sourced. The chilies and turmeric is hand picked from our own farm. The spices are sun dried and crushed using stone grinders. Marinated for over a day with sea salt and spices, the tuna is then pickled in fermented coconut vinegar and gingelly oil.

What’s unique about our pickle?

  • Yellow Fin Tuna fish is used for our pickles
  • The fish are carefully sorted  to ensure the correct sized fish is used.
  • The fish used is marinated for over a day with sea salt and spices to ensure a well settled rich taste.
  • The spices retain maximum flavour as it is stone ground  and sun dried.
  • Most of our ingredients are locally sourced or directly farm produced.
  • The fresh tuna is marinated in coconut vinegar so as to bring the unique flavour of Kerala to you .
  • The place and preparation of  the pickle is done hygienically  .So you can enjoy the unique meaty flavour to your pickle.
  • Our pickles are made with zero added preservatives
  • There are zero added artificial flavors
  • No added artificial colors are used
  • The fish pickle is made using a traditional recipe that originated from the Vetticapally family of Kerala . 

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