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Pickle Monk

Chicken Pickle - 250g

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We use free range chickens in our pickles. So it goes without saying that the chickens would be free from added hormone and antibiotics common in poultry chickens. The oils and the ingredients are locally sourced. The chilies and turmeric is hand picked from our own farm. The spices are sun dried and crushed using stone grinders. Marinated for two days with sea salt and spices, the chicken is then pickled in fermented coconut vinegar and gingelly oil.

What’s unique about our pickle?

  • The chicken used is of free range. This means that they are free from any added hormones or antibiotics found in poultry chickens. This is a delicacy we rightly cherish.
  • Our pickles are made with zero added preservatives,
  • There are zero added artificial flavors
  • No added artificial colors
  • Our chicken pickle recipe is a traditional recipe that originated from the Vetticapally family of Kerala
  • It has the goodness of truly natural ingredients like curry leaves, garlic and ginger.
  • Ingredients like chilies and turmeric sourced from our own farms.
  • Our pickles taste brilliant because we focus on the marinating process, the chicken is marinated for two days with utmost care and added spices to enrich its taste.
  • Alongside all this remains wholesome goodness of our pickles being homemade!
  • The workers who assist the family in preparing  the pickles are provided with fair  working conditions and just renumeration  .

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