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Pickle Monk

Pork Pickle - 250g

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The pork meat is selected carefully ensuring right age and leanness. The oils and the ingredients are locally sourced. The chilies and turmeric is hand picked from their own farm. The spices are sun dried and crushed using stone grinders. Marinated for 2 days with sea salt and spices, the pork meat is then pickled in vinegar with a combination of mustard and gingelly oil.

What’s unique about our pickle?

  • Meat used is checked carefully by confirming the pigs are of the  right age ,weight and are in good health.
  • The spices used are sun-dried and crushed with stone grinders to maintain maximum connect with our flavors and traditional roots.
  • Our pickles are made with zero added preservatives
  • There are zero added artificial flavors
  • No added artificial colors are used
  • Our pork recipe is prepared using a  traditional recipe prepared by the Kadambra Vetticapally family  of Kerala, so it has the ethnic goodness we look for.
  • We make sure to marinate our meat with sea salts and spices to ensure maximum taste.
  • The enticing taste of pork cooked and pickled in green chilies, pepper, curry leaves, gingelly oil and other secret spices makes for a mouth-watering  meal.

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