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Pickle Monk

Prawn Pickle - 250g

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Freshly caught prawn from the backwaters tastes best for pickles. The oil and the other ingredients are locally sourced. The chilies and turmeric are handpicked from their own farm. The spices are sun-dried and crushed using stone grinders. The prawn is lightly marinated with sea salt and chilly powder. The prawn is then pickled in fermented coconut vinegar and gingelly oil.

What’s unique about our pickle?

  • At Picklemonk we only use fresh backwater prawns for our prawn pickle to ensure absolute finesse of taste. Something year old stacked up commercial generic pickles cannot claim to achieve.
  • Sea food mixed with the spicy zest of pickles is the best of both worlds, every spice used is either locally sourced or completely farm grown.
  • Our spices used are sun-dried and crushed with stone grinders to maintain maximum connect with our flavors.
  • Our pickles are made with zero added preservatives
  • There are zero added artificial flavors
  • No added artificial colors are used
  • Deep marinating of the prawn is done with chili powder and sea salt which makes sure the prawns become fully flavor locked.
  • Our pork recipe is a worthy traditional recipe derived and prepared by the Kadambra Vetticapally family from Vaikom, Kerala., so it has the ethnic goodness we look for.
  • Special mix of spices like garam masala, pepper, chilies, garlic and ginger, vinegar help to create the perfectly spiced prawn pickle.

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